Our school, the Egri Pásztorvölgyi Primary and Secondary School, is located in Eger, a small town of 50,000 people in Northern Hungary, which has become famous for its university, grammar schools, wine culture (Egri Bikavér, Egri Leányka) and its thermal water. The city of Eger is located 130 kilometres east of Budapest, at the foot of the Mátra and Bükk mountains.

Thanks to this extraordinary environment, the Pásztorvölgyi supports an exceptional and modern way of thinking, while also helping us adhere to our principles (family values, flexibility, understanding and intelligence).

770 students as well as 65 teachers attend this educational institution. More than 300 of those students live in Eger, while others commute from nearby towns and villages. There are two classes in each grade (1-12), which both start with a class size of 30-35 students. The best-performing classes at times can reach a 4.9 grade avarage in a school year, while the overall grade point average is 4.3 (5 is the best grade in Hungary). In recognition of these achievements, the school ranks 82nd on the list of the 100 best schools in the country. It also ranks 4th in the national ranking of bilingual schools. After graduating from primary school, our students could continue their studies in other secondary schools in Eger, but half of our students still decide to stay here during their high school years.

In our school, students can choose between a bilingual English or a language prep grade, where English is also the main foreign language. Most of our students made the decision to attend our school to learn English at an advanced level. During their stay, they have the opportunity to take part in foreign language collaborations, thematic days and student exchange programmes with foreign partner schools, with the aim of establishing closer relationships with other countries and later possibly studying abroad or working for an international company.

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